Tannerite® 16S Special Effect


16 Shot Siren Rockets followed by a burst of dragon eggs

12/1 CASE


12/1 Case

A very unique and unusual special effect that shoots 16 siren rockets into the air followed by a burst of dragon eggs. We limit sales to professional pyro-technicians, fireman, police, or other qualified persons who can provide a license or proof of competency. By purchasing this item, you agree under the penalty of perjury that you will follow all local regulations pertaining to this hazard class of pyrotechnic (1.4G UN0431) and use it in a technical and professional manner. Each unit includes 3-meter electric match and shoots 16 siren rockets in succession.  Most techs use to cases ematched and fired in succession to create the seldom seen and awe-inspiring “Dragon Dust” effect of an intense orb of white-out and noise.

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