2 Tannerite® M-25 100 Shot Artillery Simulators


Case of 2
Flat Rate Shipping – $80



Case of Two

Tannerite® M-25 100 Shot Artillery Simulator is a “Day/Night-time” pyrotechnic, great piece for the military, law enforcement and fire authorities using for training, color guard ceremonies, etc. We limit sales to professional pyro-technicians, firemen, police, or other qualified persons who can provide a license or proof of competency. Perfect for simulations, Veterans ceremony, etc. Item is approved by the US Competent Authority as a 1.4G Explosive, UNO431, electric fired. For more info please contact us at 541-521-3054.
No guarantees for East Coast delivery before this July 4th at this time, but they will make it to most west coast locations in two-three days.

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Tannerite explosives offers a blasting service for Oregon residents. We do sell caps and powder to federal license holders. All federally regulated items are sold aside from the site and an interview with the purchaser must take place. We also offer a blasting class for those persons who wish to get hands-on experience in using energetic material in a responsible manner. For info on classes and powder sales, and any other questions you may have, please contact us at 541-521-3054.


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