Shipping Explained

Consumer 1.4G Products:
This class can only be shipped via FREIGHT. Cost for delivery depends on your location (FOB Oregon). The cost is the same whether it is 1 Case or 15 Cases. At this time, we offer a flat rate of $300-$600 depending on your region.

M-25 Series Shipping:
M-25 Series – by themselves – are offered at Flat $80 shipping. But, if you order any Consumer 1.4G Products, your shipping costs will default to the Consumer level pricing.

Buy more, save more…explained:
By buying a few via truck freight, the cost of a semi truck to deliver a few cases on a pallet is too much.   However, once you hit a point, the cost of shipping waters down the price per case.  An example is that four cases will cost approximately 250-350.00 in shipping via truck freight (depending on location).   But 9  cases only costs about 50 bucks more.  For those who are qualified shooters and display companies, we offer volume prices on pallets.  We can fit 36 cases safely on a pallet and offer you more savings.

Types of Fireworks

Arial Effect