Bulk Consumer Ariel Firework Options


Fireworks Pallet Buy - 500 Gram Multishot
Fireworks Pallet Buy – 500 Gram Multishot

We offer a wide array of consumer fireworks for everyone.  From big to small, we have it all.  Mostly we ship pallets to customers in other states, but we also do displays for hire and ship shows. We have distributors who carry and resell our product.  It’s always best to go through a dealer and we support all of our dealers and distributors.  The only thing we don’t stock is junk, or non-compliant items.  We do have sales on items that we locate with wrappings that don’t have a lot of appeal, etc, but those aren’t designed by Tannerite Explosives.
If you choose to order our consumer items on-line, you need to make it worth while and water down shipping by adding as much to a pallet as you can.  A good start is our “Pallet buy”, where we have some awesome 500g cakes on sale because of wrapping and names that are not attractive enough to grab a consumers eye.  Don’t let the outward appearance distract you!


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