Purchaser Agreement Form

Purchaser Agreement for 1.4 Pyrotechnic Products

By signing this document, you agree to the following:

I am purchasing 1.4G product(s) from Tannerite company. I understand that Tannerite only sells 1.4G products to adults for technical purposes, to be used in a professional manner on private property or for special effect use. I certify that I am familiar with using electric firing systems and understand that any products that are electric fired must have extension lead lines attached to the existing leg wires. I certify that I understand that fuse lit or electric fired pyrotechnics are fallible, and that all pyrotechnics must always be used in a manner that avoids injury in the case of a malfunction. I have, or will obtain any/all required permits that may be needed to use any 1.4G pyrotechnics and will obtain local authority permission before use (if required). I understand that safety extends beyond regulations and will use any product purchased from Tannerite in a safe and legal manner and I will meet or exceed all safety standards.